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Please bring a valid Ontario Health Card to your eye examination appointment.

OHIP allows for a full eye exam every 12 months for:


  • Children aged 19 years and under

  • Seniors aged 65 years and older and adults between 20-64 years WITH the following medical conditions: diabetes mellitus, glaucoma, referrable cataract, acute/active retinal disease, acute optic nerve pathway disease , acute/active corneal disease, active uveitisPatients taking any of the following medications: Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine, Ethambutol, Tamoxifen; Sudden onset of strabismus (crossed-eyes) due to injury or disease


  • patient aged 65 and over without one of the above 9 potentially sight-threatening conditions is eligible for an OHIP-insured comprehensive eye examination once every 18 months 

  • Persons receiving assistance under the Ontario Disability Support Program or Ontario Works receive coverage for eye examinations once every 24 months

  • Please visit for more information regarding your eligibility for OHIP coverage

Accepted Insurance

Bowmanville Eye Care accepts a wide range of insurance plans.

Please bring all relevant insurer information to your visit as we may be able to submit directly on your behalf.

Blue Cross

Chambers of Commerce Group

Cowan Insurance

Dejardins Insurance

Canada Life

Green Shield Canada

Industrial Alliance Insurance

Johnson Inc

Johnston Group/Maximum Benefit



Claim Secure


Sunlife Financial

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